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My love for photography started in the mid-1970s, first with the Polaroid SX70, later with the Minolta SLRs XG-M and the X-700. But film and developing costs and the disappearance of quality developers put it in a hibernating state in the early 1990s, opening a roll of film only as absolutely necessary. In 2003, the photographer’s fire had been rekindled when I purchased my first “DSLR-type” digital camera, the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-F717. Since then, my experience and knowledge using digital cameras has grown, having expanded to the use of DSLR cameras such as the Sigma SD camera (SD10 and SD14) and the Canon D series (70D). I also have experience with many of the point-and-shoot and “prosumer” style cameras, and have helped others with their cameras throughout my travels, both locally and out-of-area. I have also offered (more times than my family want to remember) to take tourists’ family photos with their cameras so that all members were included in one shot, taking their cameras off the “Automatic/Program” mode to create the  professionally-composed and metered special shots for them to remember their vacation or trip by. So, I have lots of experience gathering family/group/individual shots; though, I appreciate and strive for more of the “candid” relaxed feel from the subject group or individual so as to not get the “staged” look.



Hendrik Huyser III

Welcome to my photography website. My name is Hendrik Huyser III. Family and friends call me "Hank." While I’m a corporate accounting professional by training and career, I am also an avid photographer with professional results in the areas of natural and urban landscapes, flowers and animals, and certain event and group photography. I also have a college degree in music performance. So, my ability as a photographer is born out of the precision required of me as an accountant, as well as the creativity and technique from my training and experience as a pianist.

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